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If Sony doesn't deliver with this one, it would not be fatal to the format, but it certainly would rank as a major disappointment. Life of Pi He has no gadgets to rely on, no over-the-top villain to foil, and he yet has found a Bond girl he loves rroyale that he's willing to jeopardize his entire life. Rounding out disc one is a Know Your Double-O: Even Vic Armstrong didn't return.

The re-birth of Bond, James Bond makes an excellent showcase for the high definition Blu-Ray Disc format. Casino Royale [Blu-ray]: Daniel Craig, Jesper Christensen, Isaach de Bankolé, Judi Dench, Jeffrey See all 2, customer reviews (newest first). Editor's Notes. Portions of this review also appear in our Blu-ray review of 'Casino Royale' (Collector's Edition).

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